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Saturday, October 25, 2008

the week

This past week flew by for me.

Maybe Im beginning to get into a better frame of mind or maybe im adjusting.

Hell maybe Ive just given up to the fact that thats the way it is.

Hate to admit that so lets not go there.

The new guy at work seems to be doing ok so far anyway.

Im leery to say that as I thought the last guy was for a bit but Im not so sure anynore,
But at the same time things have been on the stressful side and he must have been feeling
it too and as a new person to the building it cant be easy.
Hes on vacation till the end of this week so Ill see if there are any changes in him soon.
The newest guy has asked a lot of questions and seems very interested in whats going on.
He seems to have the basic idea on the routine at least.

I did my usual shopping with my sister and bought my granddaughter a
monge mob dvd...AKA Sponge Bob.
I like the way she says it better.
I talked to my sister Stacy about getting Sara my niece started up with PSP on her computer
as she really loves doing it at my house.
Im gonna get her a flash drive to keep her tubes on like I do. she is sleeping over tonight and has just arived so this it for me and the computer

Thursday, October 23, 2008

update to the entry below

I recieved this answer to my question from the last entry.

Sometimes you keep this dear to your heart in a box. Men cherish their love shaft and that is why they need a box.

Well imagine my shock, imagine my disgust,imagine my nose up in the air to the smarty pants woman who waited 43 yrs to tell me as I lay in a dark, cold, simple, blank space in the back of my empty head with innocense , with nieveness,and blondeness.

Damn it Ruth(my younger sister) Why wasnt I told? I wouldnt have given it away to all those past shaft packers had I known they just wanted me for my Box!!!!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

just pondering

I am just sitting here thinking about my lunch box, its blue, it has cold packs built into it so you can freeze it...nice huh.

Im also looking over at my granddaughters crayon box, It was once a huggies wipes box that has now been recycled.

On my right theres my box of check books...kind of an ugly box but hell they were cheap checks so what did I expect right!

I have a desk top computor so again another box, its a moderatly sized box compairing it to other desktop computors.

I have a box on my desk thats been all wrapped up and looking pretty waiting on a journalers addy that had changed so I can send it.

I also so see my camera box, cell phone box,psp12 box,box of staples,box of cd covers, and a bunch of board game boxes.

I have never been so conceren with a box in my life as I have been in the last two days.

I cant even say the words My Lunch box together feels so dirty ,so wrong, so naughty. I even blush carrying my lunch box now!!!

I found out Monday that I have a box!!!

Everytime I say box I feel like I have said whoo whoo, my kitty , my muffin, my pee pee myVagina ect. I thought I would never be the same.

Am I the Only Woman on Gods green earth that has never heard that term until Monday???

I need to know one thing, what does a BOX and a Females Love tunnel have to do with each other???? Its not card board, Its not square Im sure even columbus knew that.

Hell Tampons are round so thats

Well any how Im just getting over it and moving on in my un educated box life when I get an email to this website.... .

All of a sudden Im concerned with size too.

Check out the site and please tell me what that little guy is doing to those boxes too.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Yes the week got better!!!!

Good news...ive been sleeping!!!

I even did overtime this week.

Maybe I needed to vent it all out and get it off my mind.

Anyhow I have regained my patients and I have no plans to strangle anyone this week.

Can I take that back???

I cant plan that far ahead of the game, ok so no promises.

Im getting a new guy in my building tomorrow from another center and another shift so I have a feeling it may be a little stressful as I cant train a new guy and be one of two staff at the same time. Ill do what I can but I pray he isnt counted as coverage for 2 weeks.

I complain but at least I have a job to complain about.

I have 2 arms 2 leggs and a head on my shoulders that sometimes acts intelligent.

I have a beautiful family and friends so what more could I ask for.

Have a good night all

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Ok I have slept for two days in a row !!!!

Unfortunatly all that warm cuddly happy happy joy joy feeling didnt last past 9 am.

I came close to jumping out a window today!

yeah yeah so what if it was ground level, I still could have kept running.

I really wanted to strangle someone who will remain nameless as naming her would mean my Job.

I do need my

Its even worse than that...shes a little old lady in a wheel chair.

I assure you I would never lay a hand on anyone but boy did she test my patients today.

They have been short for the last month or two but I maintained control without having to talk to myself till today.

Ok so I talk to my self all the time...this was different.

Im usually asking my self a question... you know like "where did I put my keys?","what the hell was I thinking?", " How did I get here anyway?","did I take anything out for supper?" and "damn why didnt I get an education?".

Today was more like statements and me telling myself what to do.....

" you Dumb ass count to 10","Hold your breath and you wont hear her mouth", "Take you money and run", "Get drunk tonight!","Go home sick you idiot", "Calm down Linda ", and "stop grinding your teeth stupid".

It was a relief to know that we all had about lost our patience today and it wasnt just me.

Ok all kidding aside it was not a good day to find your sanity.

Wednesday will be a wonderful day!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sweet Sundays

Isn't it funny how Sundays are gone in the blink of an eye.

Hell I blink all week long and nothing happens then.

On Sunday all I'm thinking is *God I have to go back to work tomorrow*.

I used to Like going back to some degree, well once summer is over what else do I

I dread every minute that passes by on the weekend and cant even enjoy that theses days.

I know its all the changes going on and It has to get better but that don't make it any easier right now.

Every Sunday night I stare at the clock trying to see how much time I have left till the alarm goes

Sometimes the sound of the alarm is worse than knowing your gonna half to get up.

I had this bright idea of getting this alarm that had about 6 different rings, the only problem is I still don't want to hear it.

I tried the ocean sound but I was afraid I might pee the bed instead of waking up.

Right now I have church bells that ring softly , getting louder the longer they ring.

I cant even stand that one now....Hopefully it doesn't effect my church going.

I thought Id switch up the alarm but Ill be damned if I remember how, maybe the Good Lord is trying to tell me something with the church bells.

I need an alarm that says, "Today is going to be a wonderful day, Only good things will happen to you, you will be upbeat and Happy all day" . I remember getting up for School as soon as I heard my mother say "rise and shine" and be full of life and ready for what ever the day brought me even though I hated school. I also remember my Mother trying to wake my sister Stacy up in the morning and Stacy would scream down the stairs (after mother called her 3x with no answer) in a blood curdling witchy voice that scared the neighborhood cats, "I'M UP!".

Damn that girl was evil in the

The sad thing is I am becoming that girl the last 4 weeks or

Thank God Baby boy has been working 3rd shift.

I think the Dogs can sense it too as they hide in the living room once I put them out to Pee instead of following me around like 2 toddlers .

Ok tomorrows gonna be a good day , tomorrows gonna be a good day,tomorrows gonna be a good day!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Lets get down to buisiness

I am going to let Aol blow through my fingers.
I have wasted to much precious blog space complaining about them when there are other more time worthy things to complain about.
Like men snoring, leaving the toilet seat up, ashes on my dashboard and coffee cup stains on my cabinet.
I must have a phantom following me because you all know Babyboy would never do all that stuff.
Why is it Men always have an answer but its always wrong, well in every womans opinion anyway. Then they listen sooooo well dont they, you say " hun can you watch the food on the stove, Im running upstairs" they hear "watch Im running upstairs".
You all know what I mean right Ladies. I guess they call it selective hearing because if I said "hey Dinners done could you get the plates " he would have the table set before I could turn my Now he does do all of the laundry, most of the dishes, and he serves me coffee at bedside when hes home.
So what more can I ask for? Ill tell ya what...Vacume the RUG once in a
Im just kidding Hes a good guy but it would be nice as long as he didnt ask me to mow the lawn.

Hey those of you with the post buttons on your blogs,I have a question.
Do you have to register with one of those places in order to have your entry notifications emailed to me or do they email it to you at all ?
I have a different one from most of you.
Thats one Journal feature I miss from AOL.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Ok I will not be visiting Aol head quarters after all!

Ok AOL you were listening huh?
Yup the old Aol journal was saved after all.
May it rest in peace.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

One more time AOL, 1 more time

I am going to attempt to upload my AOL journal so I dont lose all my entries but I will not be using it other than to look back here and there.

Wish me luck or call the national guard because I may try to blow up AOL head

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


It has been confirmed in my mind...not that I had any doubts anyhow...AOL SUCKS BANANAS

They uploaded my old journal but there is nothing in it!

Go figure, hell I was most likely gonna delete it anyhow......but thats not the

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What a hectic morning I had at work today!

One of my residents had a dental and I was left with the 1:1 and the rest of the crew.

It was brief but when another guy decided to follow one of his compultions and your the only one to handle it ...whos watching the 1:1?

Damn good question huh.

I am just waiting for someone like the psych to walk in as I or the other staff person are trying to split themselves in half.

We struggled early in the morning as it took two staff to wrestle with another gentlmen who was having a moment let

That would leave the 1:1 again to handle himself.

We have lost a few residents in my area due to passings and they droped our staffing down to two,which I understand with ratios and all , but they need to consider these are blind men with MR and very active.

The problem is the person who passed took care of himself ,and we still have the same amout of work , we have to assist the same amount of people at breakfast and lunch but with two hands less and someone is left without assistance till someone else is done.

We were told to deal with it , so I am dealing, and venting here.

This morning I didnt get my break nor did the 2nd staff till the van came to get us all and I took it with the 1:1...doesnt seem fair does it, and another gentlemen as cute as he is was trying to sit in my lap as Im eating my yogurt....not to mention where his hands were.

I felt like a blow up doll in a bar room.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

learning and frustrated

Hi blogspotters... That sounds so

Ok I made something to add to my blog title but everywhere I went for the background s wanted me to download something else and after doing so I couldnt figure out how to use it anyhow.......grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

I guess anything is progress though.

I visited one blog that had music playing and that was pretty kewl.

I had a sleep over with Jocelyn and Sara last night.

Jocelyn didnt think going to bed was an option she wanted to take , but when Nana turned out the lights she crawled up and fell asleep on my legs. We had a little time out last night. She was yelling at Sara and I told her to be nice and she said no and laid on the floor kicking her legs...lmao. I know it might be hard to believe but she was even cute doing

Ok till my next adventure.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

A new begining

I am trying to fit in somewhere!

I have had an AOL journal for sometime now and they are closing down on Halloween.

I need a new home to babble in,somewhere to eat my yodels,somewhere to post my pictures of my granddaughter and brag.

Is this the place for me????