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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Lets get down to buisiness

I am going to let Aol blow through my fingers.
I have wasted to much precious blog space complaining about them when there are other more time worthy things to complain about.
Like men snoring, leaving the toilet seat up, ashes on my dashboard and coffee cup stains on my cabinet.
I must have a phantom following me because you all know Babyboy would never do all that stuff.
Why is it Men always have an answer but its always wrong, well in every womans opinion anyway. Then they listen sooooo well dont they, you say " hun can you watch the food on the stove, Im running upstairs" they hear "watch Im running upstairs".
You all know what I mean right Ladies. I guess they call it selective hearing because if I said "hey Dinners done could you get the plates " he would have the table set before I could turn my Now he does do all of the laundry, most of the dishes, and he serves me coffee at bedside when hes home.
So what more can I ask for? Ill tell ya what...Vacume the RUG once in a
Im just kidding Hes a good guy but it would be nice as long as he didnt ask me to mow the lawn.


  1. After he is done with the rug tell him to wash the curtains and dust also lol! Doesn't hurt to dream ;) I hope your having a good weekend!

    There used to be a day I LOVED to mow lawn! Not anymore lol

  2. I mow the lawn, lol, hubby edges... he does the grocery shopping though....
    Have a great Sunday!

  3. OHHHMAHGOSH! The only thing I ask the ol' fart in this house to do is take out the trash. On top of all my chores, cooking, cleaning, laundry, the child, gardening, etc, I also shovel the sidewalks (even did it while pregnant), mow the lawn and rake the leaves. I'm lucky if he takes out the trash once a week.

    I've tried to let it go and see if he figures it out on his own. Yeah, not a good idea...we ended up with FOUR full bags of garbage sitting on the kitchen floor.

    Hm, leave me to my fantasy...I'm going to take a calgon bath & pretend I'm "swmpgrly". LOL