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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Yes the week got better!!!!

Good news...ive been sleeping!!!

I even did overtime this week.

Maybe I needed to vent it all out and get it off my mind.

Anyhow I have regained my patients and I have no plans to strangle anyone this week.

Can I take that back???

I cant plan that far ahead of the game, ok so no promises.

Im getting a new guy in my building tomorrow from another center and another shift so I have a feeling it may be a little stressful as I cant train a new guy and be one of two staff at the same time. Ill do what I can but I pray he isnt counted as coverage for 2 weeks.

I complain but at least I have a job to complain about.

I have 2 arms 2 leggs and a head on my shoulders that sometimes acts intelligent.

I have a beautiful family and friends so what more could I ask for.

Have a good night all


  1. I always say "I haven't strangled anybody...YET"..because there is always that possibility. Glad to hear your sleeping soundly again. Hope the new guy works out and isn't the one who ends up getting strangled..*winks* (Hugs)Indigo

  2. Good for you! The ability to find something to be positive about can really come in handy these days!


  3. Glad you got some zzzz's. I like the tag at the bottom! :)

  4. Glad you are getting some sleep. ~~Kath~~

  5. I hope you have a better week! Hey... vent away... yes, it could be worse, but the venting helps!

    be well...

  6. We all need to vent sometimes, don't feel bad.


  7. I LOVE the song ... goes with this entry nicely LOL. You have a great outlook Linda. I am glad someone new is starting... hope they help out and make life easier and not harder. Sleep is always a good thing. LOL haven't strangled anyone yet. Hugs,