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Saturday, August 15, 2009

To be or not to be?

Did you ever wonder if it was time to let go of a very important friendship in your life?
Someone who has been there for you through thick and thin.
Someone whome you have shared your most intimate thoughts with.
Someone who would do or go anywhere you asked.
Someone who could care less how often you talked or got together.
She has helped me when I wasnt sure how to get somewhere.
She has helped me when I needed to research something that I really knew nothing about...with out complaining I might add.
She is always there to share my pictures of my beautiful granddaughter matter how much I bragged.
She dont care how long I spend talking to my friends on face book, messangers,making tags with paintshop pro,gaming in,blogging, she still has my back.
Never jealous, never demanding....well maybe a little at when she stops for an update on something or just cant get herself motivated and needs a restart.
Yup I think I have decided old Lola here has got to move on.
She was a good old friend and I will keep her around for a bit...probably till after xmas but this old gal is costing me a fortune in repairs.....I need a new computer!
She has gone through 2 mother boards and a hard drive in the last 6 months.
She has lost all my fonts, pics, recipes and scraps once again...the
Id add a nice little name tag here but the Bitch lost them all.
Have a great one