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Sunday, October 5, 2008

learning and frustrated

Hi blogspotters... That sounds so

Ok I made something to add to my blog title but everywhere I went for the background s wanted me to download something else and after doing so I couldnt figure out how to use it anyhow.......grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

I guess anything is progress though.

I visited one blog that had music playing and that was pretty kewl.

I had a sleep over with Jocelyn and Sara last night.

Jocelyn didnt think going to bed was an option she wanted to take , but when Nana turned out the lights she crawled up and fell asleep on my legs. We had a little time out last night. She was yelling at Sara and I told her to be nice and she said no and laid on the floor kicking her legs...lmao. I know it might be hard to believe but she was even cute doing

Ok till my next adventure.


  1. Hey your background is cute. Glad you're getting it figured out.


  2. I like your background ;) We are all learning together lol! I have written instructions on my blog where to find super cute backgrounds and how to use them. I also in the same entry have instructions on adding a playlist of your favorite songs to your blog. Go check it out ;) Donna added a playlist to hers and said it was super easy to follow ;)
    Hugs, Robyn

  3. Love your new journal and the background looks wonderful! I enjoyed hearing about cute tantrum. Sounds like my Courtney... and Aaron can pout with the best of them. Nick can be down right demanding sometimes LOL. Yet we still love them...
    Much hugs and so glad we are all mostly over here at blogger and have been finding each other.

  4. You can find loads of templates online hon, just google 'blogger templates' :o) Looks as though you figured that out already though, Miss pumpkin blog :o)

  5. Kyan has time outs too and he doesn't like it. When he stays with me all you have to say is I'm going to sleep without you and he says no wait and lays down and goes to sleep. It's funny. Can't wait to see new pics. I bet she's big now.
    I tried to change my background and lost all my side stuff. So I put it back to the old until I figure it out.
    Take care, Chrissie

  6. Very nice background. Cool welcome tag. Thanks for stoppong by my place. Alvia

  7. Really cute background and stuff!
    I haven't learned how to do the cute stuff