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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The forbidden fruit

I heard the forbidden fruit was an apple but Monday I found out it was a plum.

I found this out as I developed welts, swollen hands, severe itching,and feeling faint and the EMT said my tongue was swollen some but at that point I had so much Benadryl and two IV attempts oxygen and a ride out of work like I never had before. He could have said anything and I wouldn't have cared...well other than shes I had my own Limo to Attleboro. I had a nice bed a johnny and caught up on the sleep I didn't get much of the night before. Ok so it wasn't that glamorous but I did get out of work no questions

I had so much Benadrly that when they allowed me to get dressed and use the bathroom I sat on the toilet to go and something didn't feel quite right. I forgot I had my underwear on and peed right through them...lmao Yeah I was gonna keep that my little secret but you only live once let it all go. Well Benadryl and prednizone and I'm good to go.

On a serious side I have been getting reactions to different foods recently and I am seeing my doctor about getting testing done. I'm afraid to eat anything. I have always had trouble handling raw fruits and veggies because I get eczema on my hands....even powder or newspaper print can aggravate my hands. I will be so glad to find out what I can eat safely. I also never washed that plum so it could have been that. Ok Enough about me...Ive had my share of attention for a while now, But I work with the kindest sweetest people!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Power stuggle

Yup Jocelyn and I had a little disagreement.

I said the dogs will remain in the kitchen and she said NO!

I again said they would and I reclosed the gait and she said NO NO NO!

I said do you need to go in time out...she said no so I asked if she was gonna be a good girl and talk to Nana nice...she said NO! LMAO trying not to show it. I was also shocked as she has never done this at Nanas anyway. So we went in time out and she screamed in the chair as she shook her head NO NO NO. I craddled her little head in my hands and said look at Nana she looked up down sideways everyway but at

Then I said in my mothers voice Look at Nana and she did. I told her not to talk to Nana like that and that it wasnt nice and when she was quiet I would let her up. She said I mad! Well she tried all the tricks like Im hungry, I want my daddy, and finally I want to go home now...lmao

When all was said and done and I told her she could get up she said I sorry Nana I a good girl.

I told her even good girls get mad. Then she told Daddy on me.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Oh my look at these folks

I received a "Look How Cool Blog"
Award from Robin of
Click here: My Creative Corner I'm supposed to pass it on to 8 more "cool blogs". Stop by to find out why I picked these... (in no paticular order)
1. Lynn of

All well deserved!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Had my 2 favorite girls last night.

We did a sleep over night.

We made cookies....some very very, we talked, we tickled, we ate junk food, we watched Dora the explorer and nicheloadeon , we were up till 12:30... at least Jocelyn and I

Sara fell asleep, so Nana and Jocelyn talked and cuddled the night away..she bit my nose too.

she said I gonna eat you Nana and she tried...not to worry she was pretend biting her daddy does to her.

She looked in my eyes as she held my cheeks in her little hands and said "Nana I lub you".

She is my perfect angel!

Now prior to that she kicked her auntie and was in a 5 min. time out but thats another

Today she spilled choc-o-lat mewk on the rug ( thats how she says it) translation ...chocolate milk. She combed my hair with a teeny tiny Dora comb, she covered my floor with toys, she hid the big girl panties after I showed them to her, she went shopping and told aunt Ruthie Good Job murphy( thats how ruthie comes out of her mouth) good driving,and she told Murphy not to run in the store too and to be a good girl like Jocelyn is a good girl.,she was farting all day today and @ IHOP (we went for breakfast) she vomited on the table...eweeeeee. Thankgod we were about done eating. She wasnt sick she had a little coughing fitt (which was from he chicken...aka bacon, I think)and up it came, the jelly she ate and all. I ran her to the bathroom ( thinking there was more to come)and she said " Nana I all done, I OK. Later we played outside and colored the driveway with chalk had Lunch and by 4 she was going home...I am pooped...lmao

well Im off to pogo land GoodNight

its time....tonight any how.

Monday, March 2, 2009

wow 2 days in a row

I have a confession to make....Im eating a Snickers bar.

I havnt been writing in here for a while so you may not know that I did the Idiots

diet to lose my Winter weight gain... It worked too.

Its an 11 day diet then you get 3 cheat days .

I lost 10 lbs in the 11 days!

I only wanted to lose the 7 I gained so I was very happy.

Check it out online

My sister got the diet from a friend who tried it and then she recruited me.

I used my sisters diet so I didnt purchase anything but what ever the cost , it works.

Im sure you could split the cost with a few dieters as you can use it for life once purchased.

I think its around $40.00 a one time fee.

any who Ive been pretty good so far keeping it off and I guess if I start to gain I can just do the 11 day diet again.

My sister wanted to lose a little more so she has done it twice and is on her third trip around the diet.

Enough about

Im getting hungry.

What a rough drive in to work today.
If I had known how bad it was I would have turned around and climbed back into bed.
I had to pull over and clean the ice off my wipers on the highway .
Not a safe idea but I either did that or drove
MA. is out of snow removal money I guess because even the highway wasnt plowed.
I work at a state facility and they never plowed our parking lot.
Last snow storm I couldnt get my car over the mounds of snow...this time my car was in the shop and I had Mothers car....Luckily.
I need it bad!
Spring that is.
My relay for Life team is doing really well so far.
We have made almost $4,000.00.
We will be going to Mohegan sun casino on the 14th,
and still have a meat on a stick fundraiser planned for may.
Life is good.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

I am still alive and all is well

I dont know why , but lately there just doesnt seem to be enough time

in the day for me.

I have the same schedule, same routine , same everything.

I guess I am just in slow motion mode or just plain lazy.

Jocelyn is growing up so fast right before our eyes.

She still sees her aunt every other weekend , but her Mom as far as we know has moved to California.

We havnt heard from her in a while, I just hope she is ok.

Jocelyn has been having a great time with her auntie Stacys puppy.

Auntie went outside to get the mail and Jocelyn was playing ball with the Puppy.

Now not just any kind of ball....noooooo.

Its called "I will throw it in the toilet and the puppy jumps in and gets it and we do it again" game.

Auntie said both her and the dog were soaking wet.

I wish I were there with my

Ok for now this is

I need to go play catch up with you all.