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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

just pondering

I am just sitting here thinking about my lunch box, its blue, it has cold packs built into it so you can freeze it...nice huh.

Im also looking over at my granddaughters crayon box, It was once a huggies wipes box that has now been recycled.

On my right theres my box of check books...kind of an ugly box but hell they were cheap checks so what did I expect right!

I have a desk top computor so again another box, its a moderatly sized box compairing it to other desktop computors.

I have a box on my desk thats been all wrapped up and looking pretty waiting on a journalers addy that had changed so I can send it.

I also so see my camera box, cell phone box,psp12 box,box of staples,box of cd covers, and a bunch of board game boxes.

I have never been so conceren with a box in my life as I have been in the last two days.

I cant even say the words My Lunch box together feels so dirty ,so wrong, so naughty. I even blush carrying my lunch box now!!!

I found out Monday that I have a box!!!

Everytime I say box I feel like I have said whoo whoo, my kitty , my muffin, my pee pee myVagina ect. I thought I would never be the same.

Am I the Only Woman on Gods green earth that has never heard that term until Monday???

I need to know one thing, what does a BOX and a Females Love tunnel have to do with each other???? Its not card board, Its not square Im sure even columbus knew that.

Hell Tampons are round so thats

Well any how Im just getting over it and moving on in my un educated box life when I get an email to this website.... .

All of a sudden Im concerned with size too.

Check out the site and please tell me what that little guy is doing to those boxes too.


  1. are too funny. I did here that pseudonym before... yeah... it is an odd one.

    be well...

  2. Well now I'll never look at a box the same again. I don't see the reference. But that little dude apparently does, I couldn't stop laughing. Or maybe I just have that sort of mind..who knows. (Hugs)Indigo

  3. I've never heard it before...


  4. LMAO!!!

    Sometimes you keep this dear to your heart in a box. Men cherish their love shaft and that is why they need a box.

  5. That's funny, Linda. Maybe there should be an adjective before box, like "Le petite box." That might not be proper French, but...
    Or "The bellowing box from Belair.

  6. Oh Lordy! I had never heard it called a box either..... lol...

  7. LOL...too funny! I have heard it before...I just think the term is stupid. Of course, I say hooha and that makes no sense, either.


  8. Hello my linda just wanted to tell you that the other day i was carrying a box of supplies to my car from work and it was raining. So i had a wet and soggy box:[ it was the worst:[