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Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Ok I have slept for two days in a row !!!!

Unfortunatly all that warm cuddly happy happy joy joy feeling didnt last past 9 am.

I came close to jumping out a window today!

yeah yeah so what if it was ground level, I still could have kept running.

I really wanted to strangle someone who will remain nameless as naming her would mean my Job.

I do need my

Its even worse than that...shes a little old lady in a wheel chair.

I assure you I would never lay a hand on anyone but boy did she test my patients today.

They have been short for the last month or two but I maintained control without having to talk to myself till today.

Ok so I talk to my self all the time...this was different.

Im usually asking my self a question... you know like "where did I put my keys?","what the hell was I thinking?", " How did I get here anyway?","did I take anything out for supper?" and "damn why didnt I get an education?".

Today was more like statements and me telling myself what to do.....

" you Dumb ass count to 10","Hold your breath and you wont hear her mouth", "Take you money and run", "Get drunk tonight!","Go home sick you idiot", "Calm down Linda ", and "stop grinding your teeth stupid".

It was a relief to know that we all had about lost our patience today and it wasnt just me.

Ok all kidding aside it was not a good day to find your sanity.

Wednesday will be a wonderful day!


  1. I had that kinda day at work many of times. Imagine the type of people I have to deal with at the bank when they overdraft their accounts or get fees. It takes everything in me to hold my tongue. Sometimes you just wanna be like, "learn to count you f**kn' idiot"! But I can't. Hope you have a better day tomorrow.


  2. Oh bless you for what you do, and I sincerely hope tomorrow is much better!

    be well...

  3. What a day! I truly hope that Wednesday is much better.


  4. Hm, from your entries sounds like you need a nice wake up in the morning. I need to invent an alarm clock similar to those picture frames where you can record your own message. That way you could have your hunny sing a lil' wake up call for you.

    Hm, maybe something like "Good-morning beautiful, how was your night? Mine was wonderful with you by my side..." LOL

    Well, I hope you had a good nights sleep and that the rest of this week is much better.

    Take care! Oh and I copyright my idea up there. LOL

  5. I really hope today is a better day! Your half way through til the weekend ;)

  6. Hiya. I am new to your blog and wanted to say "hey". I hope you find your sanity by the weekend :) take care


  7. I thought I was the only person who said stuff like that at work? Well here's to another week....UGH....