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Saturday, January 31, 2009

I got this in an email today...please take a moment to read

I got this email from a friend , It touched my heartI thought You all might help by joining in prayer.
I received this prayer request today from my sister in WV and am asking everyone I know to join in this prayer for this Mother of twin babies.

" I have a friend, Gay Witcher, that I worked with for fourteen years who is very special to me. Her daughter has a rare platelet disease that she has been dealing with for a few years now. She has tried to get pregnant many times and lost the baby due to this disease causing her to form blood clots in the uterus. To make a long story short, Jan and her husband finally got the news she was pregnant. As time went on she was told she was carrying twins, a boy and girl. After many transfusions and trips to Duke Hospital they finally took the babies yesterday. The babies are doing great, one weighed 3lbs and 11oz and the other 3 lbs and 10 oz. The problem is Jan. She is in intensive care on a vent and has pre- clampsia (toxemia) which causes those platlets to go wild. She has not seen her babies yet. The doc. said the next 24-48 hours is critical. Please pray for Jan, her husband, babies and parents. Jan is an only child.
Thank you,

May you continue to be blessed as your prayers continue to bless others.
Peace, love and joy in Jesus thru Mary,

Sunday, January 18, 2009

sweet snowy Sunday

I am finally getting things together here in Linda Land.
I have been so un-organised since the holidays .
My Psp group had took a small vacation due to people being very busy over the month of December and I have been trying to get my self back in the creative loop with that. I am looking for places to put all Miss Jocelyn's new toys and in the mean time I think I have a ghost playing with her ride on school bus I store

The thing has been singing"stop and go stop and go" but no ones here but me...spooky. I am sorry my blog reading has been slow to nil but I plan to start catching up. I think I have got a handle on my computer as far as getting it organised to where I had it before. I have also been doing a few overtimes. I have not even been in Pogo like I normally would be.

Today it finally warmed up here in Massachusetts , all last week we were below zero with the wind chill factor. Its snowing out! Its beautiful to look at but I hope the roads are clear in the morning.

Id like to invite you tag makers to join in the fun and join the group I belong to.

Here are the simple rules to our group

Must open all DND's.
No porno , and all SAC or AC must be marked.
No Drama .... Or you will be removed
3 Required sends a week.
NO Forwarding allowed.

Its lots of fun as we razz each other .

we have contests challenges games and lots of sharing.

Lots of fun!

Just click on the pic below to join!

Well I need to get off my fanny and do a few things so Ill end it here.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Here I am

Damn computor took ill, I just got it all settled.
power sourse, mother board, and $205.95 later.
See ya all soon.
Hey anyone having trouble with blogspot???
I couldnt sign in then I couldnt post.