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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What a hectic morning I had at work today!

One of my residents had a dental and I was left with the 1:1 and the rest of the crew.

It was brief but when another guy decided to follow one of his compultions and your the only one to handle it ...whos watching the 1:1?

Damn good question huh.

I am just waiting for someone like the psych to walk in as I or the other staff person are trying to split themselves in half.

We struggled early in the morning as it took two staff to wrestle with another gentlmen who was having a moment let

That would leave the 1:1 again to handle himself.

We have lost a few residents in my area due to passings and they droped our staffing down to two,which I understand with ratios and all , but they need to consider these are blind men with MR and very active.

The problem is the person who passed took care of himself ,and we still have the same amout of work , we have to assist the same amount of people at breakfast and lunch but with two hands less and someone is left without assistance till someone else is done.

We were told to deal with it , so I am dealing, and venting here.

This morning I didnt get my break nor did the 2nd staff till the van came to get us all and I took it with the 1:1...doesnt seem fair does it, and another gentlemen as cute as he is was trying to sit in my lap as Im eating my yogurt....not to mention where his hands were.

I felt like a blow up doll in a bar room.


  1. Companies are cutting expenses everywhere! Why pay 4 people when you can pay 2? Even if those two fall over dead from exhaustion it's okay as long as they were the ones that squeezed every ounce of life from you.


  2. Vent away ;) Sounds like you definately could use another hand there! Your blog looks great and you got your music working ;) Hopefully Calgon took you away this evening.
    Hugs, Robyn

  3. I am so sorry to hear how short handed it is and the added stress you are going through. I sure do hope they realize this won't last forever like this. Oh my the one trying to sit in your lap .... uh oh! Did you slap him real good!? LOL! I hope so!

  4. Vent away it works wonders...I did the short handed thing for 14 years working as the one and only printer at a family owned print shop. The business grew but the help didn't...Hope they are able to give you some reprieve soon. I couldn't help but laugh at the comment about feeling like a blowup doll in barroom. (Hugs)Indigo