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Monday, December 29, 2008

End of 2008 Meme

I found this in Kelly's blog @ , I had to go back into my old Aol journal for the first part.

End of the year Meme

Take the first sentence of the first (unfiltered) entry you made in a given month and post it in order to sum up your year.

Funny how talking in a journal 1 day makes your head clear.

MISSYZ STUFF check her out and a ? or two.
This sweet girl is guest editor and made me one of her picks.

Does anyone recognize any of these words?

Ohio man facing charges for having sex with a picnic table What makes this a felony, police say, is that it took place in close proximity to a school, which made it likely that children could have seen the act.

My Mom doing something she never would have done as a younger woman.

Miss Jocelyn had a busy day yesterday.
first the hair cut , then she went to see a new born baby mini donkey...she wasn't impressed when its nose came through the fence, and she helped organize the dancing portion of our meat on a stick.

We had Jocelyn for 5 days this week,We had lots of fun seeing fireworks, playing in water, going to parks, meeting aunties new puppy.

What a wonderful Jocelyn day we had!
We all went to the beach for the day, by all I mean myself , my sister Ruth, my niece Sara, Eric and Jocelyn.

Every thing went great today, Eric now has physical custody of his daughter and the fun

I am trying to fit in somewhere!
I have had an AOL journal for sometime now and they are closing down on Halloween.

Time has escaped me, Where did last week go?

Today My son got permanent custody of his daughter and will no longer have to go back to court unless her mom chooses down the road to take him to court over it.

What a year we had!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

My wish My wish

Finally all the madness has ended!

No more crowds, no more frustrated shoppers, no more rudeness... I hope

Ok everyone take a deep breath.....inhale.....exhale...ahhhhhhhhh

Now welcome in the new year.

2008 has brought so many good things into our lives and a few Im sure that may have been not so good , but we all survived it and 2009 is looking down upon us with a smile.

Its all what you make of it so make it the best you can!

I posted a few photos below of Christmas eve and Christmas day

Jocelyn was adorable!

She opened her Christmas dress and told us it was a princess dress.

Her Daddy called me after she was dressed and said she wanted her wish.

Her wish is a magic wand that came with her princess Dora doll.( pic below)

I made sure I didnt forget that.

When Papa and I arrived at my sisters for dinner Papa picked her up and called her papas sweetheart and Jocelyn said no I Papa

How can you not melt with her sweetness.

my youngest son had a viral infection and was too sick to want to come out so we took him his food and a pie for his roomates as well as candy.

I miss him so much as he is always too busy to squeese the family in.

I hope he dont regret it someday, as his grandparents are aging.

here are a few pics

Dylan calms Daisy after the princess chase

GG and jocelyn with dessert

Daisy and her mommy

daddys girl

Whos washing whos hands?


mommy and princess

I make a wish

Mommy and me

her wish as she calls it.




New watch

Papa belting out a tune on jocelyns mic.

laundry baskets are fun

The Jones family

Now I need to get rid of this Christmas theme!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

quote I recieved in an email...thx Lisa

Quote of the day:
'Whatever you give a woman, she will make greater.
If you give her sperm, she'll give you a baby.
If you give her a house, she'll give you a home.
If you give her groceries, she'll give you a meal.
If you give her a smile, she'll give you her heart.
She multiplies and enlarges what is given to her.
So, if you give her any crap, be ready to receive
a ton of shit.'

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

continued from dec.9th entry

OK Here are the pics from my rescheduled Beauty school drop out night.

If you recall one sister canceled due to lack of memory...Its a family illness.

Well Id also like to introduce the youngest customer to our girls hair dye night.



Look who crawled up and put the cape on after auntie

OmG 30 seconds is a long time

Dont Worry Readers her dye was made from H2o but Nana let her think otherwise.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

fathers shop on Sundays?

When did fathers start Christmas shopping on Sundays?
I went with my son today and it was a mans world.
I would still send the Warning but today it was for older kids.
A few of them would have been dragged out of the store had it been me.
I heard a father say he wasn't a referee when someone commented on his kids physically fighting in the store.
What can ya do its
Anyway Eric bought Jocelyn an easel with a chalkboard and a white board with a clip for the paper to draw on.
He got her these cute roller skates that lock so she can learn.
They had 3 settings for her progress as she learns.
I think she has a helmit but if not Nana will be getting her one.
If her Dad doesnt beat me to it, hes good like that.
I found her some cute princess snow boots today too,I cant wait to see them on her.
This girl will be loaded with stuff this Christmas.
Her Aunt Doreen bought her the cutest little sneakers with Tinkerbell on them.
She walks and they light up all over...too cute.
This weekend has come and gone so fast that I feel like I didnt have one.
Time to prepare for the morning , 4:30 comes quick.
Sweet dreams

Holly shopper batman

Saturday shopping is over for another week.
People seemed to be in slightly better spirits this weekend than the last. Maybe not so much in the grocery store
I guess they are all stressing over the holiday parties now more than the gift giving.
Warning , watch out for shoppers with small screaming children!

I Give credit to those salvation army workers out there ringing thier bells .
It was fridgid out yesterday and I froze my sweet tootsies off just going from car to store and back again as they stood out there all day and smiling no less.
Please be kind and generous to them as they are doing a great service to those in need.
Offering them a hot drink might be nice too on a cold day.
I wish I had thought of that
My work party is this Wednesday coming. We do a Yankee swap , its a lot of fun swapping with each other.
Last year one of the gifts was a giant thing of toilet paper.
One person found it offensive but honestly that's what a Yankee swap is about...swapping and some gag gifts.
The first year I got a carving knife , it didn't appear to be brand new but was the best knife I've ever
I would have been happy to bring home that toilet paper as wouldn't have to buy any for quite some time.
If I didn't want it I would have swapped it but I wouldn't have been upset. People steal the scratch tickets from one another, (including me)but I would rather have $10.00 of toilet paper than a losing ticket and they are always
I guess that's just my easy going personality and I am grateful for the company and the laughs, not the gifts, which is more than some people have this time of year.

My sweet Jocelyn went to breakfast with Santa this Saturday.
I was told she wouldn't sit in his lap by any means but was willing to hold his hand.
She chased him when he left and pulled him back by the hand.
I wish I was there to see it.
Aunty said my niece Sara took some pics so I cant wait to see them.

Well I guess I should get ready for my day
Happy shopping!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A salute to Stormin Normans Wine cellar

A salute to Stormin Normans Wine cellar
Here are our fancy wine glasses

Marlene hes a

Happy belated Birthday Norman.

Brian You need to follow in your Dads foot steps.

Yes its the wine talking but what the

What would a beauty school drop out be like with out the wine?

We were gonna be a trio tonight but sister # 3 canceled out.

Ill get to her head on Sunday!

If I remember Ill get her pic too.

No worries I still have another bottle.

Damn my sister looks good even with dye in her

Ok over and out before I get too silly.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Christmas City

My home town has for years, (not sure how long but long before I was born), been decorating the green(The rotary)for Christmas and people from all over come up to walk around the green and look at the lights and hear the Christmas music playing.
My Mom took us every year and I took my boys every year.
I havnt been in years...many years.

Last night We took Jocelyn to see the lights on ceremony. Traffic was the worst Id ever seen.

I thought people must think Madonas doing a free concert on the green or something.

Things were different now.

It was such a crowd that you had to push your way through the people.

It used to be a nice leisurly stroll.

There were tons of people selling stuff for the kids that lit up and a big RV the police dept had incase of any trouble.

We never had any of that crap. It wasnt even enjoyable.

Well at least it wasnt for me, Jocelyn didnt seem to mind until everyone yelled when they turned the lights

I will take her back another night when there nothing going on except the lights and the music.

That will be more like I remember it.

It was still a good night dont get me wrong but it seemed more department store shopper than it did tis the reason for the season.

Heres a few pics anyhow I hope to get more soon.

Have a great day and spend spend