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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Lights, ornaments and berrys oh my

Here we are in the midst of the Holiday shopping season.

Already we have lost valuable innocent lives due to someones greed.

What happened to Tis the season to be jolly?

I wish you all a safe holiday season and I hope those who are not as jolly as we are just stay home and shop online, after all there is a cyber Monday.

Lastnight I put up the tree with Jocelyn..all the ornaments were at the

She got into some beads I used last year and Im not too sure ill get all the knots out but it was worth the smile on her sweet face.

She had christmas stuff everywhere and she bit a berry off one of my christmas swags.

I dont think she will do that again...she loves berrys but that one wasnt too tastey

She came running into my house yelling "Papa you want sugar?"
She usually makes him chase her for it, but I think she missed him.

It was soooo cute.

I was trying to clean up the Christmas mess and put things away or out where they belong and I turned my back for 5 min, and this is what I saw as I turned back

As you can see she had been eating animal crackers.

Hi is what she says when she gets caught doing something.

She actually Imed her aunt Stacy on Yahoo messanger but she wasnt signed on.

Well I should be cleaning this desk of mine as I saw just how messy it was in the pictures I took so Im out of here for now.

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Whoa is me

Im not sure ill get back here before Thanksgiving so Id like to wish you all a Happy Holiday.

Dont over eat and save room for desert.

Dont Drink And Drive!!!

I heard on the news that there are more Alcohol related fatal auto accidents on Thanksgiving than there are on Christmas or Newyears .

Scarey isnt it.

I did overtime last night and tonight I stayed for an extra 1/2 hour ...Christmas money is a

Tomorrow I will be preparing food with Babyboy as I will be working on Thanksgiving and he has to cook for us, with instuction of

I will eat around 4pm.

I will miss seeing my Family but The people I work with are the only family that some of the residents have.

Im sure the day will fly by.

Anyway .... weird dreams again....friends wife was dressed as the queen of hearts in this one....dont

Im also having email whoas... One person whome has never had a problem getting email from me (till 4 days ago or so)has been getting all my emails but they are blank inside.

I am the only blank email he gets yet he is the only one that is recieving them blank.

Any Ideas..ive even sent to people with the same email company as his and they all get it.

He recently had a virus and had his computor fixed but he was getting them since then.

Can you tell its driving me bonkers...yup.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Jumbo mumbo

Hello Turkey eaters and everyone else too.
I know I'm early with the Christmas theme,
but I wanted to do it while I had time to.
I added a map visitors guest book.
Please humor me and sign in.
I'm sick of looking at my own mug popping up.
I change my pic too since I have a new doo.
I miss my old lips but the pic wouldn't cooperate
with those lips no matter what I did.
I am having chocolate withdrawals so beware.
I went to a Penny sale last night and
came home with a hand made hat and scarf set
and a pot with a warming stand.
Not sure what ill do with it
Im not sure but I bet I could melt chocolate.
Mmmmm with fruit to dip.
ok this is mindless jumble see ya next entry.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

I Got an award..Im giving some

Thank you Missy for giving me this Award I am flattered and Congrats to
you as you truely deserve it.

Here are my choices for the Marie-Anroinette A real person,
A real Award.

They are all truley Real in my heart and a great bunch of people.

Rules are rules though.. so hear goes:
The Marie-Antoinette A Real Person, A Real Award.
1. Please put the logo on your blog
2. Place a link to the person from whom you received the award --->
3. Nominate at least 7 or more blogs
4. Put the links of those blogs on your blog
5. Leave a message on their blogs to tell them.
Here's my picks: ( I know some of you already have it but I don't care) :)
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To visit any of these journals, just click on the journal title.
I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It started on Saturday

I lost my hat, my coat, my shoes,undies,shirt and my pants.

Along with my pants I lost my blogging pen so I had to wait
till I could muster up a new one.

Damn Mohegan Sun cant give a girl a break!

Come on your opening new casinos so I must

OK so I lost get over it right.

Any who I had fun losing it all, but damn I was cold.

Sunday I woke up with a head cold, No wonder after
Mohegan stripped me.

Monday head felt like a bowling ball ,
but today's a better day.

Today I had a training on different cultures and Language
and common misunderstandings.

One thing he mentioned that cracked me up was a few
things we Americans say that totally confuse people who
speak English as a second language.

Here they are:

1. Drive the car in the parkway but park the car
in the drive way.

2. cut the tree down and chop up the pieces.

3. My nose is running and my feet smell.

My God how confusing that must

It was a great training once I got past his thick

It was cultural day at work today.

They had presentations and food from all different
cultures as well as some dancers.

Ill tell ya those Nigerian dancers had to be exhausted!!

It was beautiful but like an aerobic class.

I was tired watching...well except for one part that I
had trouble stopping myself from watching.

I felt like a pervert but damn ...he needed suport...

underware... anything.

I could only compare it to a large breasted woman
jumping around without a bra.

He had to be hurting later...lmao

OK so as you can see Ive had a few days full of fun.

Time to end this one


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

When was the last time you jumped in the leaves?

Yesterday my beautiful Granddaughter Jocelyn was over.

She was a big help out in the yard with Papa.

She raked leaves, she picked up acorns and put them in her
wagon,and she put a few rocks in Papas rock pile.

Here is a pic of her at work.

She wasnt making much progress doing that so she thought

she would flatten them out so they would be easier to bag up.

She even got Nana and papa involved in the flattening.

Monday, November 10, 2008

more pics from moms bday

Oh uncle eddy

Heres a pic of the two on the left

Saturday night My Sisters and my cousins took my Mom
and her sister out to celebrate my Moms 80th birthday.
It was a beautiful restaurant that my Aunt had chosen
how ever she could only remember it by " you know the
one with the weater wheel".
Luckily her daughters figured it out and got everything
all set up.
Have you ever seen 2 women in their 80s drink a little
too much?
Oh its a hoot.
To start the night off we all ordered drinks and had
to tell our mothers what they wanted as they always
say , well what are you having.
Then the waitress was asking my aunt what she
wanted to eat and my aunt turned to my cousin and
told her instead of the waitress and my cousin had
to tell her...typical thing my mom does too.
What's up with that???
Well my aunts trying her best to get our attention
and has an envelope and paper in her hand, it looked
important to her and my sister asked us all to listen for
a minute as it appeared she had a little speech or a
toast or something nice to say to, she had
coupons for us all...too funny.
Now the second drinks and the third drink for some
came into play.
Aunt Avis let loose, her lips were a swinging.
Somehow sex became a topic. Aunt Avis told me
it never dies.
My cousin Martha confirmed she calls and tells her
when it occurs...twice a month.
My God they are 83 and 87 and having sex twice
a month!
She also keeps track of it on a calendar.
I think we were all wondering why till she
explained it.
She said " Ill tell ya, ya know what ya do,
you make a little circle on the calendar and put a
dot in it,so you can keep track to be sure you only
have to do it twice a month.".
Then we all comment on what we are or are not getting
in that department .
She then tells us my uncle goes to sleep right after
and she dont know why he bothers be cause
he dont --- anymore.
We laughed so hard that night we almost peed
our pants.
My mom had a comment or too but I cant recall
what they were.
Other than telling us she had no boyfriend but she
had a man friend.
She was less vocal that
I think we should rent my family out to parties.
They decided to go to the bathroom at the end of the
meal together and I thought my Aunt was going over.
Both stood up turned away from the table to head out,
but took a minute to pick out their wedges
before continuing.
My cousin then asked
" ok who's ass do you want my mothers or yours?".
My sister decided to join the elderly sisters
in the bathroom in fear that one may fall over.
She said my mother farted a ripper in the stall
and my aunt hollers "Phoebe are you alright"?.

We found out a few things we didn't know.

Aunt Avis had to tie Martha to a chair with a belt
on occasion, perfectly legal in those
The girls thought we were given all their favorite
toys but I think my aunt just told them that so
they didn't know she threw them away.
We don't remember that and neither
did my
We found out they loved coming to our small
apartment and hearing the bird and running
through the connecting rooms.
We always loved going to their house as it was
so big and beautiful like a castle.
I was always so impressed with my aunts lazy
susan under her counter in the cabinet and
the toy shed was awesome.
My sister remembers swimming in a kiddy pool,
in our undies and a bird pooping on one of our arms.
I also loved the driveway as it went all the way
around the house.
Funny what goes through a child's mind and
how the simplest things are the greatest memory's
we keep .
We have to do this more often!!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Mothers 80th

Yesterday was my Mothers 80th birthday!

Jocelyn And I and my sister Stacy brought her over a cake and Jocelyn helped her blow out the candles.

She made a wish , but wasnt telling .

Today we will take her out to the Yarmouth House to have dinner with her sister and nieces.

I guess its a girls night

Its always comical to see my mom and her sister together.

We often joke about who we will be more like as we get older with my cousin,her mom or mine.

My youngest sister Stacy is known as Phoebe junior to those who love her because she has always acted like her mother in so many ways.

One way is her quick tongue when shes

The 2nd would be her walk, however my moms walk has changed with arthritis in her hips, but stacy has the same walk of my mom when she was younger.

I really am looking forward to seeing all the girls and I cant wait to report back tomorrow.

Hopefully theres lots to tell because those two together is always a trip, and they only see each other about twice a year.

Have a great Saturday!

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Hello and Welcome to life after the election.

Wow what a historic time we are living in.

My father must be rolling over in his

I remember being in first grade at Hopewell school It held 8 grades back then
and in all my years at that school we only had one African American student in the school.

My first day of first grade I will never forget and it was probably a day that defined how I saw others for the rest of my life. My first unofficial diversity

I was so scared that day!
I walked into this big school off the bus alone, Mothers didn't go to school on the first day back then and there was no meet your teacher either.

I saw this long corridor and long line and didn't know if i was suppose to be in it or not.

Then I saw this Girl who was much bigger than I, I would guess about 8th grade.

She scared me as she was what my father called a Niger and to the day he died he still used that nasty word.
That lovely girl could see my fear and was the only one who stepped up to me.

She smiled at me she had the most beautiful smile, and it somehow made me feel safe and not afraid anymore.
She wasn't what my Father had described at all, she was sweet , kind,and pretty.
That girl took my hand and held it as she put me in line ahead of her and led me in the right direction.
Little did I know that wasn't just the direction to my class room or where ever it was I had to go, It was the direction of the rest of my life.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Come on down

Okay, in this game you have to list 6 things about yourself that people may not know about you. This helps us all get to know each other better. Oh, and include a link to the person who tagged you. I was tagged by Click here: Fryin' up the bacon Jill is a gal of many talents and I always get very interesting useful imformation in there...a must read blog even though she Tagged me for this Game....Ill get you back my pretty!

1. When I was young girl we didn't have much but we had love and food on the table so, I never knew how poor we really were. Money cant buy you happiness. As I got to be 13 unfortunately things changed for me as my father was an alcoholic and I became his target. Still I found Happiness...Dont ever give up!

2. I love to dance and doodle, I use to get into trouble for writing on things as a child.

3. I have a lot of confidence in myself and have never experienced depression however certain people can slap me into feeling unsure of myself in a min., how ever its short lived.

4. I can be a procrastinator in the worst way if I allow myself.

5.When I am tired I get frustrated easily. I often struggle with sleep. I hate arguing and bickering even if its on tv.

6. I have to match my bra and panties, I hate socks and seldom wear them even in winter. I love to look neat and clean and be well dressed.

Okay, here are the lucky contestants on the taggers right

kelly... this girl is always on the go Loves her family vacationing and never stops ...shes my

Krissy... she has so much on her plate yet she makes it all look like a day at the park

Sharon....she is a single mom to 4 kids, she struggles from time to time like the rest of us but she is a survivor

Missy ... A young single Mom who gives it her all even when that doesn't seem enough, she is incredible.

I am alive!

Time has escaped me.
Where did last week go?
Can we go back and do a do over?
Hope everyone had a great week and a great halloween.
Here are a few pics of the puppy I adopted halloween night.