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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Holly shopper batman

Saturday shopping is over for another week.
People seemed to be in slightly better spirits this weekend than the last. Maybe not so much in the grocery store
I guess they are all stressing over the holiday parties now more than the gift giving.
Warning , watch out for shoppers with small screaming children!

I Give credit to those salvation army workers out there ringing thier bells .
It was fridgid out yesterday and I froze my sweet tootsies off just going from car to store and back again as they stood out there all day and smiling no less.
Please be kind and generous to them as they are doing a great service to those in need.
Offering them a hot drink might be nice too on a cold day.
I wish I had thought of that
My work party is this Wednesday coming. We do a Yankee swap , its a lot of fun swapping with each other.
Last year one of the gifts was a giant thing of toilet paper.
One person found it offensive but honestly that's what a Yankee swap is about...swapping and some gag gifts.
The first year I got a carving knife , it didn't appear to be brand new but was the best knife I've ever
I would have been happy to bring home that toilet paper as wouldn't have to buy any for quite some time.
If I didn't want it I would have swapped it but I wouldn't have been upset. People steal the scratch tickets from one another, (including me)but I would rather have $10.00 of toilet paper than a losing ticket and they are always
I guess that's just my easy going personality and I am grateful for the company and the laughs, not the gifts, which is more than some people have this time of year.

My sweet Jocelyn went to breakfast with Santa this Saturday.
I was told she wouldn't sit in his lap by any means but was willing to hold his hand.
She chased him when he left and pulled him back by the hand.
I wish I was there to see it.
Aunty said my niece Sara took some pics so I cant wait to see them.

Well I guess I should get ready for my day
Happy shopping!

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  1. Some people get offended by anything lol!