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Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Christmas City

My home town has for years, (not sure how long but long before I was born), been decorating the green(The rotary)for Christmas and people from all over come up to walk around the green and look at the lights and hear the Christmas music playing.
My Mom took us every year and I took my boys every year.
I havnt been in years...many years.

Last night We took Jocelyn to see the lights on ceremony. Traffic was the worst Id ever seen.

I thought people must think Madonas doing a free concert on the green or something.

Things were different now.

It was such a crowd that you had to push your way through the people.

It used to be a nice leisurly stroll.

There were tons of people selling stuff for the kids that lit up and a big RV the police dept had incase of any trouble.

We never had any of that crap. It wasnt even enjoyable.

Well at least it wasnt for me, Jocelyn didnt seem to mind until everyone yelled when they turned the lights

I will take her back another night when there nothing going on except the lights and the music.

That will be more like I remember it.

It was still a good night dont get me wrong but it seemed more department store shopper than it did tis the reason for the season.

Heres a few pics anyhow I hope to get more soon.

Have a great day and spend spend


  1. I hate the crowds everywhere I go but I guess there isn't much we can do about it. If people were friendlier, it probably wouldn't be so bad. *M*

  2. Crowds always ruin for me. I get claustrophobic... and it takes away from the enjoyment.

    But the pics are cute!

  3. In the long run, looking at those pix it should all come together in your heart that it doesn't matter how commercial this holiday gets, love is the real gift. And you have mine!

  4. It's too bad it was so crowded...those kind of small town type holiday things are always fun. Good pics...and at least Jocelyn had fun!