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Sunday, December 28, 2008

My wish My wish

Finally all the madness has ended!

No more crowds, no more frustrated shoppers, no more rudeness... I hope

Ok everyone take a deep breath.....inhale.....exhale...ahhhhhhhhh

Now welcome in the new year.

2008 has brought so many good things into our lives and a few Im sure that may have been not so good , but we all survived it and 2009 is looking down upon us with a smile.

Its all what you make of it so make it the best you can!

I posted a few photos below of Christmas eve and Christmas day

Jocelyn was adorable!

She opened her Christmas dress and told us it was a princess dress.

Her Daddy called me after she was dressed and said she wanted her wish.

Her wish is a magic wand that came with her princess Dora doll.( pic below)

I made sure I didnt forget that.

When Papa and I arrived at my sisters for dinner Papa picked her up and called her papas sweetheart and Jocelyn said no I Papa

How can you not melt with her sweetness.

my youngest son had a viral infection and was too sick to want to come out so we took him his food and a pie for his roomates as well as candy.

I miss him so much as he is always too busy to squeese the family in.

I hope he dont regret it someday, as his grandparents are aging.

here are a few pics

Dylan calms Daisy after the princess chase

GG and jocelyn with dessert

Daisy and her mommy

daddys girl

Whos washing whos hands?


mommy and princess

I make a wish

Mommy and me

her wish as she calls it.




New watch

Papa belting out a tune on jocelyns mic.

laundry baskets are fun

The Jones family

Now I need to get rid of this Christmas theme!


  1. I really enjoyed the pictures and I'm glad that you enjoyed your Christmas.

    Like you, I'm glad that it's over. lol


  2. By the way, when you have a chance, will you tell me how you fit so many pictures? I can only get 5 on by uploading unless I do a slideshow. Thanks.


  3. Looks like it was a good holiday!

  4. she sure is a little the dress...
    sad about your son...I believe he will regret it.. :-(

  5. For some reason the shoppers returning stuff here are worse than before the holiday. We went to Kohl's and the return line was about a 30 minute wait.
    Her dress is gorgeous! Looks like she had a great holiday!

  6. She is SO cute! I love her dress she looks adorable! I need to change my christmas music and theme also lol. Wishing you a happy 2009!

  7. I loved the pictures!! She looks so pretty!! You have a beautiful family!!!!