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Sunday, December 14, 2008

fathers shop on Sundays?

When did fathers start Christmas shopping on Sundays?
I went with my son today and it was a mans world.
I would still send the Warning but today it was for older kids.
A few of them would have been dragged out of the store had it been me.
I heard a father say he wasn't a referee when someone commented on his kids physically fighting in the store.
What can ya do its
Anyway Eric bought Jocelyn an easel with a chalkboard and a white board with a clip for the paper to draw on.
He got her these cute roller skates that lock so she can learn.
They had 3 settings for her progress as she learns.
I think she has a helmit but if not Nana will be getting her one.
If her Dad doesnt beat me to it, hes good like that.
I found her some cute princess snow boots today too,I cant wait to see them on her.
This girl will be loaded with stuff this Christmas.
Her Aunt Doreen bought her the cutest little sneakers with Tinkerbell on them.
She walks and they light up all over...too cute.
This weekend has come and gone so fast that I feel like I didnt have one.
Time to prepare for the morning , 4:30 comes quick.
Sweet dreams


  1. This weekend really did go by to fast!

    We went shopping today too. People for the most part were friendly. *M*

  2. Ay yi yi you get up at 4:30am every day? I get up at 6:30am and thought that was bad. Especially when sometimes I get to bed so late. Love the song in your entry. I was so happy reading about the cute presents for Jocelyn!!!! She will be smiling with glee on Christmas morning!!!

  3. Can't wait to see pics of Christmas when she opens everything! You already know I think she is SO FLIPPEN cute ;) Christmas is already done and over in my house, which is very strange to me yet no stress the week before is all good lol. Have a great week hun!

  4. Christmas is always magical through the eyes of a child. I miss my daughter being the age Jocelyn is. They are absolutely adorable (of course Jocelyn always takes the cake in that category).

    As for the father claiming he wasn't a referee, apparently he doesn't understand that comes up under the job description of DAD...I don't get some parents. (Hugs)Indigo

  5. Oh my you get up EARLY! I go to bed about 2:30 AM! But, I pick up Sonny from his job at 1 AM.

    The father not claiming to be a referee - when he became a DAD, he became a referee! It's HIS responsiblity to displine and referee his children not the rest of the society. Sorry that is a subject that urks me. Parents NEED to start taking responsbility for their children.

    I'm getting off the soap box now. Have a GREAT week!


  6. I think the closer we get to Christmas, the faster the weekends are going!

    Enjoy your day.

  7. Christmas shopping, saints preserve us she did it already. Envy...

  8. Gosh she's gonna love all that stuff.
    Take care, Chrissie

  9. Being a referee is part of the job if you have more than one kid. A huge part of the job,
    Sounds like she will have a great Christmas!
    Brianna would love those I have bought her a bunch of Tink stuff this year.