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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It started on Saturday

I lost my hat, my coat, my shoes,undies,shirt and my pants.

Along with my pants I lost my blogging pen so I had to wait
till I could muster up a new one.

Damn Mohegan Sun cant give a girl a break!

Come on your opening new casinos so I must

OK so I lost get over it right.

Any who I had fun losing it all, but damn I was cold.

Sunday I woke up with a head cold, No wonder after
Mohegan stripped me.

Monday head felt like a bowling ball ,
but today's a better day.

Today I had a training on different cultures and Language
and common misunderstandings.

One thing he mentioned that cracked me up was a few
things we Americans say that totally confuse people who
speak English as a second language.

Here they are:

1. Drive the car in the parkway but park the car
in the drive way.

2. cut the tree down and chop up the pieces.

3. My nose is running and my feet smell.

My God how confusing that must

It was a great training once I got past his thick

It was cultural day at work today.

They had presentations and food from all different
cultures as well as some dancers.

Ill tell ya those Nigerian dancers had to be exhausted!!

It was beautiful but like an aerobic class.

I was tired watching...well except for one part that I
had trouble stopping myself from watching.

I felt like a pervert but damn ...he needed suport...

underware... anything.

I could only compare it to a large breasted woman
jumping around without a bra.

He had to be hurting later...lmao

OK so as you can see Ive had a few days full of fun.

Time to end this one



  1. It is interesting how different cultures do different things and how something we could say could sound completely different to them! I was listening to a "Learn Instant Spanish" tape one time with my ex husband (who is was hispanic) beside me. The lady teaching the spanish had a an English (not American) accent. She was reviewing some verbs in spanish that needed to be memorized and stated "This may be a bit tedious". My husbad looked at me suprised and said "BIG TITTYS?! LOL He thought she had actually said that. Just one of those things I guess lol... *M*

  2. Sounds like a truly cultural experience!! LOL that's a lotta stuff to lose.... stay warm girl!

  3. You have an award in my blog:

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  4. Yes I also fealt like a pervert but damn that boy could move!! ha ha