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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Whoa is me

Im not sure ill get back here before Thanksgiving so Id like to wish you all a Happy Holiday.

Dont over eat and save room for desert.

Dont Drink And Drive!!!

I heard on the news that there are more Alcohol related fatal auto accidents on Thanksgiving than there are on Christmas or Newyears .

Scarey isnt it.

I did overtime last night and tonight I stayed for an extra 1/2 hour ...Christmas money is a

Tomorrow I will be preparing food with Babyboy as I will be working on Thanksgiving and he has to cook for us, with instuction of

I will eat around 4pm.

I will miss seeing my Family but The people I work with are the only family that some of the residents have.

Im sure the day will fly by.

Anyway .... weird dreams again....friends wife was dressed as the queen of hearts in this one....dont

Im also having email whoas... One person whome has never had a problem getting email from me (till 4 days ago or so)has been getting all my emails but they are blank inside.

I am the only blank email he gets yet he is the only one that is recieving them blank.

Any Ideas..ive even sent to people with the same email company as his and they all get it.

He recently had a virus and had his computor fixed but he was getting them since then.

Can you tell its driving me bonkers...yup.


  1. Enjoy your thanksgiving.

    I don't have an answer for the e-mail issue. sorry. *M*

  2. hi there. i saw you in one blog i visited and thought of inviting you to my blog. i learn from different people from different parts of the world through answers to some questions. hope you can visit and share your views and experiences.


  3. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!