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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Mothers 80th

Yesterday was my Mothers 80th birthday!

Jocelyn And I and my sister Stacy brought her over a cake and Jocelyn helped her blow out the candles.

She made a wish , but wasnt telling .

Today we will take her out to the Yarmouth House to have dinner with her sister and nieces.

I guess its a girls night

Its always comical to see my mom and her sister together.

We often joke about who we will be more like as we get older with my cousin,her mom or mine.

My youngest sister Stacy is known as Phoebe junior to those who love her because she has always acted like her mother in so many ways.

One way is her quick tongue when shes

The 2nd would be her walk, however my moms walk has changed with arthritis in her hips, but stacy has the same walk of my mom when she was younger.

I really am looking forward to seeing all the girls and I cant wait to report back tomorrow.

Hopefully theres lots to tell because those two together is always a trip, and they only see each other about twice a year.

Have a great Saturday!


  1. Happy 80th Birthday to your Mom!
    Just dropping by to see what you're up to and delivering cyber hugs.


  2. Have a great time!!
    Happy Birthday to Mom!!

  3. Happy B-Day to Mom!! It sound like you guys will have a great time. How wonderful!!! Have a great day! Lisa

  4. Happy 80th birthday to your mom!!


  5. Happy b-day to your mother!

    Linda, did you have to pay for your counter with it showing the cities? I could only get mine to show the countries. Let me know. Thanks. *M*

  6. Happy 80th Birthday to your Mom, Hope she hada great birthday