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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Lights, ornaments and berrys oh my

Here we are in the midst of the Holiday shopping season.

Already we have lost valuable innocent lives due to someones greed.

What happened to Tis the season to be jolly?

I wish you all a safe holiday season and I hope those who are not as jolly as we are just stay home and shop online, after all there is a cyber Monday.

Lastnight I put up the tree with Jocelyn..all the ornaments were at the

She got into some beads I used last year and Im not too sure ill get all the knots out but it was worth the smile on her sweet face.

She had christmas stuff everywhere and she bit a berry off one of my christmas swags.

I dont think she will do that again...she loves berrys but that one wasnt too tastey

She came running into my house yelling "Papa you want sugar?"
She usually makes him chase her for it, but I think she missed him.

It was soooo cute.

I was trying to clean up the Christmas mess and put things away or out where they belong and I turned my back for 5 min, and this is what I saw as I turned back

As you can see she had been eating animal crackers.

Hi is what she says when she gets caught doing something.

She actually Imed her aunt Stacy on Yahoo messanger but she wasnt signed on.

Well I should be cleaning this desk of mine as I saw just how messy it was in the pictures I took so Im out of here for now.

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  1. When people start getting killed for something on is time to re-think how the sales are done. I have always thought it was dangerous. No object is worth a person's life.

    Cute pics...she sure is getting big!

  2. Sounds like you all had alota fun and thats all that matters..mess and all lol. I love shopping online its the only way to go. Take care


  3. Yes I too was very disturbed and upset to hear about the people who have been hurt due to Black Friday's rude and thoughtless shoppers! Awwwww, she is just a darling... LOL instant messaged but not signed on. So cute! Did she really bite a berry off the swag? LOL and thank you by the way for the award... that was so cool and it made my day... have not had a chance to share it yet... I'll be doing my post about it very soon... it's been nuts here.

  4. You're right about the way people are acting over the holidays. i can't believe there were people shot and trampled on Black Friday. Wait a minute, yes I can believe it.

    Jocelyn is adorable. I'm glad she enjoyed decorating. :) *M*

  5. Oh, and I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!!! (((HUGS))) *M*

  6. It really was a shame what happened, I can't imagine people not stopping and helping the guard. I was sickened when I read that and it just confirmed why I don't like shopping after Halloween, let alone Thanksgiving!

    I love how you decorated your blog, so nice and festive. I especially LOVE the photos of your beautiful granddaughter and that smile of hers. How can you say No to her ever?!?!


  7. All the ornaments are at the bottom, too cute... you are going to have the best Christmas ever...