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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Had my 2 favorite girls last night.

We did a sleep over night.

We made cookies....some very very, we talked, we tickled, we ate junk food, we watched Dora the explorer and nicheloadeon , we were up till 12:30... at least Jocelyn and I

Sara fell asleep, so Nana and Jocelyn talked and cuddled the night away..she bit my nose too.

she said I gonna eat you Nana and she tried...not to worry she was pretend biting her daddy does to her.

She looked in my eyes as she held my cheeks in her little hands and said "Nana I lub you".

She is my perfect angel!

Now prior to that she kicked her auntie and was in a 5 min. time out but thats another

Today she spilled choc-o-lat mewk on the rug ( thats how she says it) translation ...chocolate milk. She combed my hair with a teeny tiny Dora comb, she covered my floor with toys, she hid the big girl panties after I showed them to her, she went shopping and told aunt Ruthie Good Job murphy( thats how ruthie comes out of her mouth) good driving,and she told Murphy not to run in the store too and to be a good girl like Jocelyn is a good girl.,she was farting all day today and @ IHOP (we went for breakfast) she vomited on the table...eweeeeee. Thankgod we were about done eating. She wasnt sick she had a little coughing fitt (which was from he chicken...aka bacon, I think)and up it came, the jelly she ate and all. I ran her to the bathroom ( thinking there was more to come)and she said " Nana I all done, I OK. Later we played outside and colored the driveway with chalk had Lunch and by 4 she was going home...I am pooped...lmao

well Im off to pogo land GoodNight


  1. Jocelyn is such a sweet treasure. Your love for her and hers for you is so apparent in these words. It's endearing and heartfelt. Thank you for sharing the wee one with us. (Hugs)Indigo

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful time

  3. What a joy she is!! I can see she keeps you running and what darling things she says... and the best part is you are able to remember them all and share them with us. How cute... murphy.... and hiding the essentials. It sounds different her having a five year old auntie and kicking her... I kept picturing my aunts who are older than I am. LOL

  4. Hi hun I hope you had a great weekend! You have an award waiting to be picked up on my blog ;) Hugs