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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Power stuggle

Yup Jocelyn and I had a little disagreement.

I said the dogs will remain in the kitchen and she said NO!

I again said they would and I reclosed the gait and she said NO NO NO!

I said do you need to go in time out...she said no so I asked if she was gonna be a good girl and talk to Nana nice...she said NO! LMAO trying not to show it. I was also shocked as she has never done this at Nanas anyway. So we went in time out and she screamed in the chair as she shook her head NO NO NO. I craddled her little head in my hands and said look at Nana she looked up down sideways everyway but at

Then I said in my mothers voice Look at Nana and she did. I told her not to talk to Nana like that and that it wasnt nice and when she was quiet I would let her up. She said I mad! Well she tried all the tricks like Im hungry, I want my daddy, and finally I want to go home now...lmao

When all was said and done and I told her she could get up she said I sorry Nana I a good girl.

I told her even good girls get mad. Then she told Daddy on me.


  1. Wonder where she gets it from ;-) lol

  2. LOL.. Those wonderful toddler years :-)

  3. I love being a grandma ~ you can give them back! She's a real cutie. I don't know if I could have held my giggles. Blessings, Penny

  4. LMAO!! Everyone deserves to have a "no" day, even a toddler! LOL

  5. This was too funny! I miss the toddler years!

  6. LOL I think the song goes with this entry perfectly LOL she is such a darling... I love this song....I probably shouldn't but it is just perfect for cleaning house, working, making my veterans calls etc. I just still can't get over all you went through with the plum. Yikes!