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Monday, March 2, 2009

wow 2 days in a row

I have a confession to make....Im eating a Snickers bar.

I havnt been writing in here for a while so you may not know that I did the Idiots

diet to lose my Winter weight gain... It worked too.

Its an 11 day diet then you get 3 cheat days .

I lost 10 lbs in the 11 days!

I only wanted to lose the 7 I gained so I was very happy.

Check it out online

My sister got the diet from a friend who tried it and then she recruited me.

I used my sisters diet so I didnt purchase anything but what ever the cost , it works.

Im sure you could split the cost with a few dieters as you can use it for life once purchased.

I think its around $40.00 a one time fee.

any who Ive been pretty good so far keeping it off and I guess if I start to gain I can just do the 11 day diet again.

My sister wanted to lose a little more so she has done it twice and is on her third trip around the diet.

Enough about

Im getting hungry.

What a rough drive in to work today.
If I had known how bad it was I would have turned around and climbed back into bed.
I had to pull over and clean the ice off my wipers on the highway .
Not a safe idea but I either did that or drove
MA. is out of snow removal money I guess because even the highway wasnt plowed.
I work at a state facility and they never plowed our parking lot.
Last snow storm I couldnt get my car over the mounds of snow...this time my car was in the shop and I had Mothers car....Luckily.
I need it bad!
Spring that is.
My relay for Life team is doing really well so far.
We have made almost $4,000.00.
We will be going to Mohegan sun casino on the 14th,
and still have a meat on a stick fundraiser planned for may.
Life is good.


  1. My son lives in MD and said that most of the base is closed today. His wife had to go into her job still but, had a three hour delay.

    I LOVE Snickers, it's one of my favorite candy bars. :-) Those little snack size ones are actually perfect for me.


  2. Yummy on the snickers..stay warm..have a great rest of the week too..Hugs,TerryAnn

  3. Hey that diet sounds like something to try!

    I made it to work about 5 hours late because of the weather but I made it :)

  4. Yuumy snickers are deliuos thats mt favorite candy bar..darn I want one now LOL.

  5. A Snickers sounds really good right now! LOL

  6. I ran across your site (sorry for the footprints). I shall return as I really enjoyed your reads. Way to go on shedding the unwanted/not needed weight. Take care,

  7. Hey nice picture of "Linda" lol. Ok I'm trying this idiot-proof diet soon as I finish this Milky Way (I fell asleep eating one) Glad your $ situation is improving.

  8. So you tell me you haven't been posting much, send me a link but neglect to mention I will be reading about a SNICKERS BAR. How cruel. I'd like one too please. Snickers bars & diets, yes, somehow they do go together.
    I really would think a state run/owned facility would have a plow skirt over it after snow :-0.~Mary

  9. Sorry to hear about the bad roads and weather... I was cheating too today and
    yesterday... we bought reece's and kitkats...