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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Dare I say that I have seen some sunshine finally

I dont think we have had more than 3 days of sunshine since April here in Massachussetts .
The temps have only been in the mid 60s for weeks very damp and dreary.
Yesterday and today however have been beautiful days.
Hoping for another beautiful day tomorrow, I would love to go tho the beach.
Last night my sister and her hubby and I went to the portugese fiesta next door to my house and had some traditional old portugese wine....very dry wine....not into dry wine but once a year for the traditional glass is ok. The music was good the company was good as we met many nice people , some we knew and some we didnt.
The food is always good at these things and the smells are awesome but I am a little grossed out by the soup I tasted. It did taste great , dont get me wrong, but when I found out I was eating the lining of a cows stomache I somehow forgot how good it originally tasted...eweee!
No offense to you cows out there.
Today My hubby and I took a boy he kind of does a big brother thing with to a cook out for a friends son who just graduated and will be leaving soon for the military.
It was a great day for it and We all enjoyed the food as well as the conversation and horse shoes.
Tonight there is another fiesta up the street from me but this chick is too pooped to pop.
I had 3 drinks last over my I was feeling no pain needless to say I am a cheap date. I danced all night on cement and my feet are still hurting tonight.
I guess thats a sign that I am getting old. Hell getting NO I am
Time to get this old body into a nice hot bath and hope I can ge myself back out.

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  1. The festival sounds wonderful except for the cow stomach soup part... glad to hear you are enjoying some sunshine days and hope all good things happen where you are for you each and every day.