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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Holy ghost church parade

These are some pics of the parade that the church has every year on the sunday of the Holly Ghost Portugese fiesta weekend.

Its a very small religeous parade of portugese americans showing thier flags and traditions.

It always looks Royal too

The kids are adorable and proud.

In some of the pics they may seem a little nervous as our local boys in blue decided to make an unnessasary arrest about half way through it. They scared the kids in the parade as well as the children who lived there. The police officer blocked the road off due to the parade.

My neighbor tried to turn down our street and the officer screamed at him, so he yelled back " Im just getting off work how was I supose to know". They let him go through and 10 min. later in the middle of it all decided to arrest him.

Before I knew it he was forcefully put down as well as his mother fainting in the yard as the kids all watched... the oldest being 7 yrs old. His wife came out and screamed at them calling them racists so they arrested her too in front of the kids. The police were wrong but at the same time if he had gone without a fight he would have saved himself,the kids and his family alot of grief. I hope he makes out ok as he didnt deserve what he got.

The officer needs some anger management classes and an unpaid LOA.

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  1. I'm so sorry to hear about that arrest. The parade was beautiful and I enjoyed the photos. The song playing in your journal is really good. Thanks for sharing!
    Lisa in kentucky