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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Our questions and fears have been confirmed...its time.

They say time heals all , but time also opens new questions and concerns sometimes.
My sisters and I have been recently concerned about my Our Mom and if it were time to have the big talk with her.
We have seen her changing over the last year as most people her age do.
She has slowed down a bit, we see her getting more tired and such.
She is still doing amazing for a Lady of 80 years old, but we felt it was time she gave up her licence.
We have been talking amongst ourselves lately trying to figure out how to approach it.
I didn't want to hurt her feelings and I didn't want to take her Independence away.
Yesterday an angel from heaven came down and made our decision an easy one.
My Moms guardian Angel must have been on her shoulder when she pulled out of her driveway and followed her to her Dr. visit as she pulled out in front of a car and didn't even see it.
She was OK thank God other than a shoulder injury but our fears were confirmed that it was indeed time to stop driving.
She took it very well as I filled up with tears when I saw her with a sling and looking so tired and in pain and said to myself there is no time like the present to have my feared conversation and basically begged her to not drive anymore.
She was in agreement and said she had been thinking about it recently...what a relief I felt.
This is a Lady with a perfect driving record.
She has never ever had an accident in her 80 yrs.
I wish I could say the same...they will have to take mine at
Today we took care of her medical stuff and insurance paper work .
We told her not to worry we will get her where she needs to go and I think shes OK with it.
I feel so sad today and I cant pull myself out of it.
I also lost a coworker yesterday, she was a very young beautiful person who was stricken with Lou Gehrig's disease and I think between the two it weighed heavy on my heart.
RIP Debbie


  1. so sorry- it must hurt her terribly-


  3. Sad sorry to hear of all this pain.


  4. I'm glad your mom was okay from the accident and that she came to terms it was time to stop driving.

    My grandfather was so ugly about it when the family bought up the subject. Thankfully his doctor contacted the state and he had to turn in his license.