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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Custody court today

Today My son got pernament custody of his daughter and will no longer have to go back to court unless her mom chooses down the road to take him to court over it.
They were both in agreement and things went quickly once we got to the final court room.
Court got a late start and today was the second day of a new computor system that no one seemed to know how to operate freely yet. Her Mom , whome I havnt written about recently seemed to be doing well and is now going to a day program during the day to help her cope with and council her on her personal issues.
I am proud of her for that. Jocelyn would be too if she understood it all.
Eric remembered we had court late last
He and I both had to call in sick...sorry Wrentham but Family first.
They are very understanding but I hope they didnt need to hire any overtime.
Erics Job...he gets no sick time and had he realized ahead of time they would have adjusted his hours so he dont miss out on any money. Hopefully they kept him late to make it up.
A funny thing that happened was this guy waiting in line at family court asked if my name was Ruth. I said no but Im her sister. He knew me also but the hot topic was when he ripped Ruths sweater in first grade with his pencil. I said" yeah you owe her a sweater, my Mother was pissed".
He said "yeah I know and so was mine after she called her"
I went to see Jocelyn briefly after court and I was holding her and talking to my sister and she wanted to talk so she covered my mouth with her hand and said "Nana shut up".
I wanted to laugh as it was a shock and kind of funny but instead I explained that wasnt nice to say and to say Nana please be quiet. She then said Nana be Im not sure where the please went but it was an improvement. Did I mention how cute she is???
Im sure she has seen that with the older kids that are around...probably my niece and her cousin. Kids will be kids.
Hey its better than what my sons friends little brother used to do when he was about 5.
If he wanted your attention or got mad at ya he would just pee on your leg.
He must be about 20 now so I hope he has grown out of
Have a great night


  1. I get called my sister all the time. We look a lot alike.

    I'm glad the custody issue worked out. *M*

  2. What a relief, I'm glad the custody issue worked out for your son and most of all for Jocelyn.

    Have a great week!


  3. Congrats to your son on the custody!

  4. Thats great news. She sounds like a cutie ;) Take care


  5. I am sure it is a relief to have that all over and not worry about custody any more.
    He pee'd on peoples legs to get their attention???

  6. hi... glad all is well.

    thanks for actively sharing ur thoughts in shewrites. i just want u to know that it's always a joy hearing what u have to say. :o)

  7. So glad it worked out...sometimes it doesn't. Celebrate!