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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My abandoned blog...facebook effect

Holy leaping August, thats when I last wrote in this blog.

August 15th 2009 .

My world has been taken over by Facebook apps like farmville, yoville,cafeworld...ect.

I guess there could be worse things in the world, like drinking and driving , beating my children, unprotected sex, or getting an incurable disease of some sort.

My Granddaughter( shes on the right) is now 4 yrs old, my husbands keeping busy with AA, and Im still My life doesnt change much, I guess I could look at that as a good thing or a bad thing. My Moms slowing down alot, she is no longer able to drive herself around...not her idea but she accepted it. She is healthy just aging like the rest of us. She was the one who remembered everything and now forgets quite a bit. I think she is just plain tired all the time.

Ahhhh to be 82, I bet I wont ever see that...hope not

I am still fundraising with my relay for life team for the American Cancer Society and our walk will be this Friday night through Saturday morning. I pray the weather is 10x better than last year. We froze are fannys off in frozen rain all night. I dont even care if it rains as long as its warm. Beach season is upon us so I am in my glory days now, life is good.

Have a great Summer Linda


  1. Hey you! You have been a way for a while. Too long! Glad everything is pretty much the same. Enjoy the rest of your week.

  2. Whatever you do, don't get mixed up in -- I've wasted whole months there!

  3. Ah yes, much better text color! I see you've had "blog-neglect" as a result of Facebook-itis which I've contracted too - it's viral. It's those apps, I blocked them all, they were driving me nuts. Now I just exchange greets with old and new pals. I'm simply not into making odd animals out of spare parts (well wait a minute...) Anyway, watching your mom slow down, forget things, after seeing her for yrs a different way can be hard, but it's life - we're in it for just a few seconds so I hope you take advantage of even the new strange things. BIG KUDOS for your work with ACA and btw I love your music.

  4. I love that text color on this background and have missed your entries and comments in my blog so SO SO much!!! Yep.. facebook has taken me over too but I am trying to get back to journaling more and more. I really miss it though it's nice to have facebook. I'm aiming for a nice blend of both LOL. I have been thinking I'd really like to go on a cancer society walk sometime.
    Lisa in KY

  5. Stay busy, it keeps you healthy :-)... I don't want to be 82 lol but don't not want to either...what?? :P

  6. I just left FB, well, I still have the account but, I don't do anything there anymore. It was disappointing for me - my experience anyway. I hope you will be updating your blog still. It sounds like life is normal in your household which is good.

    Take care of yourself!

  7. FUNNY... everyone is talking about how FB has been the latest... or the oldest now.. some of the posts, I've run across are old. I had some time to check gmail reader and that's where everyone is listed. I'm over at FB also.. I guess alot of us are. hahaha.. still here..
    Lisa (lisita15)