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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Working can be humorous

I mean Helloooooooooo!!!!
I cant believe some of the people I have to work with lately.
I mean, I am no genius but damn!
Just this week alone , and it is only Wednesday, I have seen it all.
Ok maybe not all as Friday hasn't arrived
Yesterday I Had a very nice downs syndrome man move in to my building,and along with him came some staff from his old home to make his transition comfortable for him as well as us.
While they were in the room a girl who was working with a resident who requires a 1 on 1 supervision was sitting next to the resident sleeping in the chair...this is the staff now!!
I call her twice and tell her to go for a walk..WTH???
My Job seems to be the job where they think its in their job specks to sleep to rest up for their second job.
Although she denied sleeping she was thinking with her eyes deep in thought that it took me calling her twice to come out of her "thinking".
I was told that she was sleeping earlier too and they were throwing stuff at her trying to use her head as a ring toss.
Then I get this girl who is summer help , the summer help are usually college kids who have family members working there.
She told me how she liked working here because its an easy job.
It is for her as she sits on her ass and text messages under her jacket that she keeps in her lap.
She thinks she is sly, she is actually pretty dumb after I spoke to her twice she still hadn't figured out that I could see in the mirror what she was doing even though I was standing behind her....Hellooooooooo.
Every time she comes to us its the same thing.
I told her if it is too hard to resist to put it in her car next time after the 3rd time I spoke to her.
Shall I go on?
I wont even bring up a second shift situation as it will hurt the innocent and she needs to talk with her supervisor about verbal abuse by her coworker ...we have one bad egg in the building on that shift and she don't want to rock the boat and report her.
I think she is about ready to do the right thing however It wont be easy for her.
Shall I go into 3rd shift
One of them told my staff that there was a new paper to sign when ever a certain person gets his depends changed....wrong again....the lack of reading and understanding what was read doesn't exist. When they write... fell asleep its ....felt to
Very nice caring girls though.
There was a paper to sign but for something totally different and it wasn't new.
Don't get me wrong , some of these people are nice people in general but they just come for the paycheck, they don't care or want to be there and this is a job where you have to care about what your there for.
It effects many peoples lives in so many ways.
Today I ask if its ok for a man to make a change in his routine as where he normally goes after lunch was canceled.
I got a pleasant answer..." oh sure we will be here".
When the staff took the man down there they complained about it to her as if I twisted their arms.
Ok this was my Wednesday vent....ahhhhhhh
I could go on but what
I do Love my Job!
you have to for what they pay

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