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Sunday, July 12, 2009

The water in Newbedford.

I never saw it coming and I never saw it leave.
I am not sure what it was But I am sure that it was there.
It took over all of us.
I think it works in twos.
Sisters were its target and there were 3 pairs of those.
Im convinced its in the Newbedford water.
It slipped in on the ice chips.
The neighbors....Oh they were effected too.
I never saw a space ship but I felt a thing or two.
I started with a black bikini and came out in a green one.
Funny thing is the next time I got out of the pool it was black again???
We never did find out where that extra bikini cup came from.
I believe it may have been the Cabana boys or his side kick the comander.
Thanks Lisa we had a ball!!!!