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Monday, July 6, 2009

My Weekend started Friday night

It all started with Jocelyn and Sara Sleeping over and then Faithy was at the house when I picked up the girls and sais" Sara wants to ask you something"
I said really!
What might that be???
She said "Sara wants to know if I can sleep over too."
I said she does?...yup!
I asked her dont you think we should ask your mother first and she said" oh my mother already said it was ok"
I basically knew this was coming just by looking at her when I walked in the door.
Shes a cutie too, and always calls me auntie Linda as Sara does.
Although Jocelyn did inform the girls that I was not Auntie I was NANA!

Jocelyn was soooo cute she was one of the big girls !

She got involved in every conversation they had.
I heard her say "me too" quite a bit as they talked about things
they know or did or wanted to do.
She was acting like she was thier age...sooo cute.

She wore her princess shoes her mommy got her as slippers

Her Dad took these Saturday afternoon after I dropped her off

Gotta love a slip and

1 comment:

  1. Loved the pictures and yes the slip and slide is awesome!! That cartoon at the end is great! Hugs,
    Lisa in Kentucky