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Saturday, June 20, 2009


I had a strange experience Yesterday.
My sister and I went for our 2nd walk of hopefully many to get back on track with our old routine of getting in a little extra exercise.
We have this great big grave yard near me that everyone walks in as it is a mile a round if you take the outside roads and everyone walks there.
Sometimes I think there are more people above the ground than there are under the ground.
We took my sisters Bichon along with us too.
Well we were being watched.
No dont go crazy on me, I know you were thinking I see dead people.
Well actually I do .
I see them on the tumb stones as many have pictures
Anyway, as we are entering the grave yard we were being watched by 5 buzzards sitting in a dead tree...they were huge and here I am without a camera.
My brilliant sister reminded me of my cell phone camera.

They were huge although you cant tell by those pictures.
I told a friends little boy to move because he was right under one and If it shit he was gonna
He moved and sure enough it let one loose.
I have never seen one buzzard in my area never mind 5 in a dead tree.
I was beginning to think maybe this was my final day on earth and they were there to collect my soul as I have a heart attack or stroke on the graveyard lawn , not to mention what else they would take.
Im glad I had clean panties know just in case.
My stone would say
Here Lies Linda buzzed like shes never been before.
Then again maybe daisy (my sister dog) was looking a little tasty.
After all they were big enough to carry her away .

Im going back there tomorrow...yup
If its meant to be , its meant to
This time I will have my Camera with me for some pics, but if they get me first Ill have my sister take some final pics for my stone.

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